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Labradorite Triskelion

Labradorite Triskelion

The triskelion is one of the more common Celtic symbols used in popular culture, but it has been around since Neolithic times. It is a symbol of three conjoined spirals that curve outward in a flowing fashion and presents a lot of meanings. The combination of three branches often refer to spirit, body, and mind; mother, father, and child; past, present, and future. It can also speak of a non-Christian trilogy of divinity, such as the Creator, Destroyer, and Sustainer, and their subsequent roles of creating life, preserving it and destroying it when necessary.


This labradorite pendant is formed with oxidized copper wire that has been polished to give it an antique look.


Stone or Crystal feautures:  Labrdorite


Chakras - Throat/Third Eye/Crown

Zodiac - Leo/Scorpio/Sagitarius

Planet - Uranus

Element - water


 Labradorite is known for its vibration to illuminate the path of one’s spiritual destiny. It cleanses and realigns all the energy centers within the body, which will help one to develop the proper psychic abilities to best suit them during their spiritual journey.

Labradorite is known to give energy to the person holding or wearing it.

Labradorite lifts insecurities about life by providing one with the strength to see the true worth of their purpose. It’s vibration also holds a broad level of protection to guard from negativity.


The necklace will be shipped with a 20" silk cord necklace in a gift box. 


**CARE TIPS: Remove your jewelry before showering,swimming or bathing; using household cleaners, chemicals, or essential oils; doing manual jobs like gardening or washing dishes; and applying lotions. Do not use jewelry cleaners on this jewelry.


**A NOTE: Wire wrapping is a genre of jewelry which requires pliable wire to be shaped into each piece. It will retain its shape under normal use and care, however if you try to bend it or it gets squished, it will bend.

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